eco policy

Eco Policy

It is a firm policy of our business that we adhere to strict ecological and sustainability guidelines.


In order to do so, I promise that:

  • All printing is sought from businesses with sustainable printing practices and, where possible, printed on recycled paper.

  • All stationary, props, clothes or any peripherals for the business are purchased with a view to sustainability and minimising plastic waste.

  • Use of paper is limited and reused where possible, otherwise recycled.

  • All confetti used in The Wishing Booth / The Video Booth is biodegradable or recyclable. Most commonly, we use leaf litter or recycled paper and cardboard.

  • Single-use bottles of water are not purchased for shoots. Cast and crew are reminded to bring reusable drink bottles and water urns are supplied.

  • Food is only purchased from sustainable grocers, or with recyclable or minimal packaging.


Last updated 24/02/20


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