Child Safe Policy

Child Safe Policy

As this business may provide services to and with children, under the Child Wellbeing and Safety Act 2005 we are required to comply with the Child Safe Standards.


Statement of Commitment to Child Safety

As this business may provide services to and with children, under the Child Wellbeing and Safety Act 2005 we are required to comply with the Child Safe Standards.

We are committed to providing safe environments for all children, especially those from linguistically or culturally diverse backgrounds, Aboriginal children or children with disabilities – three groups of young people that are particularly vulnerable to being victimised and may face challenges in reporting abuse.

We also recognise the needs of gender diverse children in keeping a child safe environment. Research shows that providing safe environments for children has positive, lifelong impacts that cannot be underestimated.

In our business, we uphold the legal and human rights of all children to ensure they are safe in our care or participation. To do so, we:

       ● Educate all staff about how to identify and reduce the risk of child abuse.
       ● Possess clear procedures for reporting and responding to suspected child abuse.
       ● Ensure clear and well-communicated information about:
              Types of behaviours or concerns to be reported
○ Who is the key contact to be notified
              ○ What the investigation process will involve
              ○ How records will be kept.

       ● Encourage all children to report if they feel unsafe or concerned.
       ● Promote the empowerment of all children.
       ● Possess a variety of resources provided by the Commission for Children and Young People (CCYP) that               are easily accessible and consulted regularly.
       ● Refrain from stereotyping, judgement or assumptions about anyone but especially children.
       ● Value and acknowledge the culture and identity of all children.
       ● Have zero tolerance for discrimination.
       ● Provide culturally and linguistically inclusive and responsive services.
       ● Meet the safety and participation needs of children with disabilities, especially in relation to                                    communication, potential reliance on caregivers for personal care and potential social isolation.

Pre-empt unsafe situations through a risk assessment process when leading programs with children.
● Provide a code of conduct for all staff clearly outlining boundaries about interaction with children, including personal care assistance.
● Possess a robust complaint process where we are immediately responsive to issues.
● Ensure a commitment by the primary filmmaker and leader of ASFILMS, Anastasia Sidorova, to prioritise the safety and best interests of children.
● Require the possession of Working with Children Checks for all staff that interact with children.
● Undergo human resources practices that reduce the risk of child abuse by new and existing staff,                          including:
       ○ Recruitment processes to engage only the most suitable staff to work with children.
       ○ High quality supervision for staff.
       ○ Using communication and visual aids to remind staff, clients and all others who interact with the                             business of its commitment to child safety.
       ○ Position descriptions for all roles on offer in the business, to hold staff accountable for unsuitable                       behaviour.

● Promise ongoing review and continuous improvement of meeting Child Safe Standards.

Last updated 24/02/20


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